Asphalt, petroleum fumes

How to detect Asphalt, petroleum fumes

Formula: | CAS: 8052-42-4

Asphalt fumes comprise a range of harmful aromatic hydrocarbons released into the air particularly during the asphalting of roads.


Specification Value/Information
CAS no. 8052-42-4
Gas Response Factor, 11.7 eV NA
Gas Response Factor, 10.6 eV 1.00
Gas Response Factor, 10.0 eV NA
ppm per mg/m⁻³, (20 °C, 1 bar) 0.16
Molecular Weight, g/mole 150.0
Specification Value/Information
Flash point, °C 204
Lower Explosive Limit, % -
Ionisation Energy, eV 9
EH40 TWA, mg.m⁻³ 5
EH40 STEL, mg.m⁻³ 10
NIOSH ceiling, mg.m⁻³ 5