N-ethylethanamine, diethamine, N-ethyl-ethanamine, DEN, N,N-diethylamine

How to detect Diethylamine

Formula: C4H11N | CAS: 109-89-7

Synonyms: N-ethylethanamine, diethamine, N-ethyl-ethanamine, DEN, N,N-diethylamine

Diethylamine is used in manufacture of finishing agents, surfactants, rubber processing chemicals, agrochemicals, pharmaceuticals, as a corrosion inhibitor, a polymerisation catalyst, in leather preparation and in electroplating solutions.


Specification Value/Information
Formula C4H11N
CAS no. 109-89-7
Gas Response Factor, 11.7 eV NA
Gas Response Factor, 10.6 eV 2.50
Gas Response Factor, 10.0 eV 30.00
ppm per mg/m⁻³, (20 °C, 1 bar) 0.329
Molecular Weight, g/mole 73.1
Melting point, °C -50
Boiling point, °C 55
Flash point, °C -28.9
Upper Explosive Limit, % 10.1
Lower Explosive Limit, % 1.7
Density,⁻³ 0.707
Specification Value/Information
Ionisation Energy, eV 8.01
EH40 TWA, ppm 5
EH40 TWA, mg.m⁻³ 15
EH40 STEL, ppm 10
EH40 STEL, mg.m⁻³ 30
NIOSH ST, ppm 25
NIOSH ST, mg.m⁻³ 75
NIOSH TWA REL, mg.m⁻³ 30
NIOSH IDLH, ppm 200
OSHA TWA PEL, ppm 25
OSHA TWA PEL, mg.m⁻³ 75