ethylene, ethene, olefiant gas, Etherin, Elayl

How to detect Ethylene

Formula: C2H4 | CAS: 74-85-1

Synonyms: ethylene, ethene, olefiant gas, Etherin, Elayl

Ethylene is the raw material for many simple organic compounds, as well as consumed in large quantities to form polythene and polystyrene.


Specification Value/Information
Formula C2H4
CAS no. 74-85-1
Gas Response Factor, 11.7 eV 6.0
Gas Response Factor, 10.6 eV 9.00
Gas Response Factor, 10.0 eV ZR
ppm per mg/m⁻³, (20 °C, 1 bar) 0.857
Molecular Weight, g/mole 28.1
Specification Value/Information
Melting point, °C -169
Boiling point, °C -104
Flash point, °C -136
Upper Explosive Limit, % 36
Lower Explosive Limit, % 2.4
Density,⁻³ 0.5678
Ionisation Energy, eV 10.51