PID Sensor technology

Gas detection instruments are critical to protecting the life, health and safety of workers in many industries. Preventing dangerous exposure levels and monitoring over time is key, and using the very best instrumentation available is essential for keeping people safe and healthy, now and in the future. The sensor technology within these instruments is vital, and often the most important aspect to get right for enhanced protection.

ION Science, as a leading global gas detection OEM for over 30 years, were chosen by Blackline Safety for their superior range of gas sensors when developing their comprehensive product range.

PID (photoionisation detection) sensor technology is where ION Science really demonstrates their expertise and knowledge. ION Science’s range of sensors are rated very highly within industries such as oil and gas, chemical, pharmaceutical and more. Their sensors are key components of many life-saving gas detection instruments.

Blackline Safety approached ION Science in 2018 looking to upgrade their instruments with improved VOC (volatile organic compound) detection. It immediately became clear that ION’s range of MiniPID 2 sensors were the best choice.

Since diversifying their range of instruments to include the latest PID technology, Blackline Safety has seen improved success in VOC detection and monitoring with their products. Worker health and safety, personal protection monitoring, exposure levels and improved detection all mean that Blackline Safety instruments now perform better and protect more workers than before.

PID Sensor technology

Ilaria Tramelli, PID Specialist, Blackline Safety Europe says:

“The combination of ION Science PID technology in Blackline Safety G7 portable gas detectors and EXO area monitors gives users a real-time, cloud-connected overview of their VOC emissions with location data, gas mapping and powerful data analytics. It is a unique solution, and an extremely powerful tool for HSE Managers and Industrial Hygienists”.

ION Science’s MiniPID 2 technology employed in Blackline Safety products provides superior performance, and is able to monitor a wide range of VOCs, while interchangeable cartridges and a lifetime sensor warranty minimise downtime in the field.

Their sensor range is able to deliver high sensitivity VOC readings in harsh conditions, including 99% relative humidity (non-condensing), and temperatures of -40 to +65 °C. Thanks to its anti-contamination design and long life lamp, MiniPID 2 offers 10,000 hours of reliable operation, ideal for long term monitoring in any location. For superior health and safety protection, ION Science supply over 929 response factors to allow easy and accurate detection of key VOCs.

ION Science is continuing to support Blackline Safety and other customers around the world with their superior range of sensors and gas detection technology. ION Science has also recently been engaged in producing educational material for the sector, such as whitepapers and application guides, to help more customers understand the benefits and get the most from ION Science products.

With superior lead times and excellent product stock management, ION Science can be relied upon to deliver within the deadline. Couple that with offices around the world offering technical expertise and knowledge to support customers, as well as their advanced UK headquarters, ION Science is leading the field when it comes to gas detection sensors and instrumentation.

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