Are you prepared for upcoming benzene workplace exposure limit (WEL) changes?

In an effort to reduce acute and chronic illness caused by exposure to harmful substances, many governing bodies are making changes to workplace exposure limits (WELs). WELs have been key in protecting the lives of workers, and with the upcoming limit changes, it shows we are heading in the right direction when it comes to the safety of both the workforce and the environment.

What are the main changes to Workplace Exposure Limits Surrounding Benzene?

Many countries are planning to reduce WELs for Benzene, and some of these plans have already been approved for implementation very soon. Countries in the EU, for example, are being guided by new WELs which will come into effect as early as April 2024, where the TWA (8 hours) for benzene will be reduced from 1ppm to 0.5ppm under guidance from the EU Directive. This TWA will be slashed further in April 2026 to just 0.2ppm.

For more information on legislation surrounding benzene exposure, download our Benzene Legislation Guide today.

Benzene Workplace Exposure Limits