Printed Circuit Board Manufacturing

In-house printed circuit board manufacture

As part of an on-going investment programme designed to support further growth, we have spent some £250,000 setting up an in-house printed circuit board (PCB) department. Used across our range of advanced gas detection instrumentation, this latest initiative is set to strengthen quality, increase production efficiencies and shorten lead times.

Comprising cutting-edge equipment, including the latest automated optical inspection (AOI) system and surface mount technology, our new department produces and assembles high-quality PCBs from start to finish, allowing a flexible response to fluctuations in demand between product ranges.

Our PCB department has been established by Production Planning Manager, Shaun Hunt who commented: “Until now, Ion Science has outsourced the assembly of PCBs for its gas detection instrumentation. Bringing it in-house has meant a significant investment for the company but it is a reflection of our on-going commitment to quality and service delivery.

“The combination of a dedicated team and top-of-the-range processing equipment facilitates seamless throughput and efficient response to different batch requirements according to customer demand,” he concludes.

Our Managing Director, Duncan Johns, said: “Being in control of PCB assembly means being in control of quality and best on-time shipping, both of which are key to the on-going success of the business, especially as it grows. The resulting increase inefficiencies will ensure we continue to be the unparalleled choice for customers looking for superior gas detection instrumentation.”