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Lakeshore Environmental chooses Tiger LT PID for humidity resistance and value for money

Privately owned environmental engineering and consultancy business, Lakeshore Environmental, chooses the entry-level Tiger LT photoionisation detector (PID) from Ion Science to replace an outdated and unsupported competitor instrument. The USA-based business is using the volatile organic compound (VOC) monitor to screen soil and indoor air, and to measure influent and effluent concentrations in soil vapour extraction systems.

Offering worldwide intrinsic safety (IS) certification for use in potentially explosive atmospheres, the recently launched TigerLT is a streamlined, lower cost version of Ion Science’s well-proven and popular Tiger instrument.

David Hazebrouck, President of Lakeshore Environmental comments:

“When our old PID was unable to hold calibration, the manufacturer could no longer service or stock parts for it which I found unacceptable. When presented with alternative instruments from other companies, the Ion Science TigerLT seemed to offer the best value for money and could tolerate moisture which was a key feature for our business…”

More about Tiger LT

TIGERLT is an entry-level handheld VOC detector that provides fast, accurate, reliable results, however challenging your environment.

This variant of the hugely popular Tiger VOC detector is low on cost but high on performance. Its revolutionary, patented photoionisation detection (PID) sensor technology with humidity resistance and anti-contamination design provide market-leading accuracy and run-time.

Combined with 24-hour battery life, its features maximise field time by minimising inaccurate readings in high humidity and drift in harsh environments.

TIGERLT accurately detects gases from 0 to 5,000 ppm with a 0.1 ppm minimum sensitivity, has the fastest response time on the market of just two seconds, and is as quick to clear down. Its push-to-log data logging stores up to 80,000 data points in up to 128 user-selectable zones.

This instrument has been designed with the user in mind for ease of use and servicing. Batteries can be replaced in potentially explosive environments due to the innovative Intrinsically Safe design. Low-cost filters and lamps can be easily changed in minutes, minimising instrument downtime. Fast battery charging allows the instrument to be fully charged in just six hours.

TIGERLT offers simple, one-handed operation even when wearing the thickest of gloves. Its rugged design and protective, removable rubber boot withstand harsh environments.

The large, clear backlit display allows for easy viewing in any light condition. An integrated torch is designed for directing the instrument’s probe into dimly lit areas. The illuminated keypad activates when the light is low.

TIGERLT is a ground-breaking, low-cost entry-level PID with all the essential functions you need for VOC detection. The instrument has the lowest running costs on the market with inexpensive disposable parts, lamps and filters.

ION Science VOC detectors all incorporate leading PID sensor technology which has received independent verification as the best performing on the market for its speed of response, accuracy and linearity.

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