ION Science has an OEM Gas Sensor portfolio that offers market-leading photoionization technology, capable of detecting extremely low levels of volatile organic compound (VOC) gases, to be used alone or for successful integration into products. Our MiniPID 2 sensor series consists of seven different OEM gas sensors to ensure the most accurate detection of VOCs and other hazardous gases.

There are two types of sensors that have a response time of less than 3 seconds, the MiniPID 2 PPM WR and PPM sensors. The PPM WR model has a minimum detection limit of 500ppb, while the PPM model’s minimum is 100ppb. It also has a detection range of 0 to 10,000ppm, and the PPM model has a range of 0 to 4,000ppm. Both models utilize a 10.6eV lamp, but the sensitivity for the PPM WR is >0.4 MV/ppm at 100ppm, and >0.65 mV/ppm at 100ppm for the PPM model. Both sensors are designed for detecting VOCs over the widest dynamic range on the market without compromising performance. It is also the only PID sensor with a lamp-out diagnostic.

There are four sensor models that have a response time of less than 8 seconds: the MiniPID 2 PPB WR, MiniPID 2 PPB, MiniPID 2 10.0eV, and MiniPID 2 11.7eV. The MiniPID 2 PPB WR has a minimum detection limit of 20ppb with a range of 0 to 200ppm, a sensitivity of >5 mV/ppm, and uses a 10.6eV lamp. The MiniPID 2 PPB utilizes the same lamp as the PPB WR, but its minimum detection limit is 1ppb with a range of 0 to 40ppm and sensitivity of >30 mV/ppm. Both sensors are optimized to deliver an exceptionally low background which allows for optimum low-end sensitivity while maintaining a wide dynamic range.

The third model, the MiniPID 2 10.0eV, has a minimum detection limit of 5ppb with a range of 0 to >100ppm. The sensitivity for this model is >15 mV/ppm while utilizing a 10.0eV lamp. The MiniPID 2 10.0eV gas sensor is used for enhanced selectivity of compounds with lower ionization energies. It is used for measuring ambient levels of aromatic compounds including benzene.

The last model of this set is ION’s newest sensor, the MiniPID 2 11.7eV. This VOC sensor has a minimum detection limit of 100ppb and has a detection range of 0 to >100ppm. Its sensitivity is >1 mV/ppm and is the first sensor to utilize an 11.7eV lamp. Only available from ION Science, the MiniPID 2 11.7eV gas sensor extends the range of detectable compounds to include chlorocarbons, unsaturated fluorocarbons, formaldehyde, ethylene, and methanol. It’s virtually insensitive to humidity changes, providing unparalleled performance in a variety of applications.

The last sensor ION offers its customers and utilizes in our detection devices is the MiniPID 2 HS sensor. Having a minimum detection limit of 0.5ppb and a detection range of 0 to >3ppm, its response time is less than 12 seconds. The sensitivity of this sensor is >600 mv/ppm and uses a 10.6eV lamp. This high-sensitivity gas sensor is 15 times more sensitive than the existing PPB gas sensor and capable of detecting trace levels of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) over a long period of time, making it ideal for indoor air quality monitoring applications.

Our array of gas detection instruments for a variety of potentially toxic work environments streams together to provide customers with solutions to combat various problems within the workspace, specialized for your specific application. Our fixed, portable and personal detectors meet rigorous requirements and standards set to ensure optimum safety. To learn more information about products offered by ION Science for gas and leak detection, view our products page. For more information about gas detection systems within your application, our sensors, other detection inquiries or if you have a question for us, contact ION Science today.